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Is your 3 piece suite very comfy, not that old and you don’t want to replace it. We use the following methods. When cleaning fabric upholstery the things we do to get the best results are pre-spray dirty or marked areas these are usually on the arms, the bottom cushion or commonly on the back cushion where grease off peoples hair leaves
nasty greasy marks. Our pre-spray will break down any dirt and grease, allowing a thorough clean to follow. We can rejuvenate your leather and make it look and feel almost new again. Our chemicals will remove soiling that is ingrained deep into your leather. We then recondition the leather leaving a soft luxurious feel to it.
Cleaning Fabric Upholstery

Our Clean will break down deep and dirty greasy marks leaving the sofa feeling brand new again.

Cleaning Leather Upholstery

Once cleaned your leather sofa lifespan will now be increased, saving you the cost an expensive replacement.


Stain Removal
Odour Removal
Allergens Removal
Toxins Removal
This leather sofa was heavily stained throughout and ready to be replaced.
We brought this leather sofa back to its new state using our methods and professional cleaning chemicals and then reconditioned the leather leaving a luxurious feel.

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