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Make your leather look and feel new again

Leather furniture is timeless, luxurious, and a good option for those with children or pets as they do not accumulate dander and allergens as readily as upholstery. While leather can be simpler to clean and last much longer than fabric, it is a delicate material that requires skilled treatment to keep it soft, supple, and beautiful. With proper care and cleaning, leather can age gently and stand the test of time for long-lasting, practical furnishings. Over time, leather can grow dry, develop scratches, accumulate dirt and grease, and fade in colour. Chris Ward uses his advanced leather cleaning solutions to not only restore leather from these effects, but prevent further damage to increase its longevity.
Most types of leathers can be treated, even faux leathers. Before beginning the process, Chris always performs a colour-fastness test to protect the specific dyes on the leather. He then begins by removing any dust, crumbs and debris, and sprays the advanced leather cleaning solution which breaks down dirt and grease. Using a soft bristle brush, the leather is gently conditioned to aid the solution. After it has processed for several minutes, the sofa is skillfully cleansed using a damp microfiber cloth. The final and most important step is conditioning: a nourishing solution is applied to restore the suppleness of the leather and preventing against cracks and damage.

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