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Our Services Are Available Throughout Warwickshire, Nuneaton, Coventry, Stratford

We only use cleaning solutions that are totally safe and contain no harsh detergents or bleaching agents. These professional Chemicals will leave no sticky residue that will attract dirt like a magnet, and within no time at all the carpets will rapidly re-soil and will look far more dirtier than before.

Carpets are a luxury to have in your home – they’re soft underfoot, they provide warmth, and they are aesthetically appealing to look at. The only problem with carpets is that they have a habit of displaying dirt and dust for all to see if they’re left too long without a deep and thorough clean.

Types of Business We Cover


Houses, Flats, Bungalows


Small & Large Offices


Restaurants And More


Commercial Buildings


Retail Outlets


Clinics & Hospitals


Stain Removal
Odour Removal
Allergens Removal
Toxins Removal
This Carpet was heavily stained throughout and ready to be replaced
We brought this carpet back to its new state using our methods and professional cleaning system
We Give Discounts For More Than One Carpet Clean On The Same Day,
There Is a Bigger Discount For Senior Citizens. Call For a Free Quote 07801 973815

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