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Our Services Are Available Throughout Warwickshire,
Nuneaton, Coventry, Stratford

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Houses, Flats, Bungalows

Small & Large Offices

Restaurants And More

Commercial Buildings

Retail Outlets

Clinics & Hospitals



Stain Removal


Odour Removal


Allergens Removal


Toxins Removal

We Deep Clean Your Carpet

Carpets and rugs are soft, comfortable, and can provide insulation during the colder months, making them a preferred choice for flooring in the U.K. With many different colours and motifs available, you are free to express yourself and
make a beautiful statement through your flooring of choice. However, without proper care and cleaning, your favourite carpets and rugs can accumulate dirt, bacteria, and allergens which can dull their appearance and pose a health risk to you and your family.

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Chris Ward’s Advanced Cleaning Process

First, the surface is sprayed with a powerful treatment which wears away dirt and debris. The allergens and grime are then thoroughly removed through the most advanced wet vacuum, leaving no trace. Finally, the surface is cleaned and buffed to restore softness to the pile, improving the appearance and texture.

This Carpet was heavily stained throughout and ready to be replaced. We brought this carpet back to its new state using our methods and professional cleaning system.

Why Choose Chris Ward?
There are many reasons to choose Chris Ward for your upholstery cleaning, including:

Cleaning starts at only £50 for a standard lounge room
Available 7 days a week
Able to perform last-minute jobs
Free No-Obligation Quote and advice
Covers Nuneaton and all of Warwickshire
Has experience with complex, challenging jobs
Uses the most advanced equipment
Uses only the safest, most effective cleaning solutions

We Give Discounts For More Than One Carpet Clean On The Same Day,
There Is a Bigger Discount For Senior Citizens. Call For a Free Quote 07801973815